3 Dimensional Physical Therapy

Athletic Training

Return to Sports .

3DPT’s athletic trainers and physical therapists are here to return you to your maximum potential as quickly as possible while minimizing the chance of re-injury. Our team of professionals use a whole-body approach to identify the root cause of our athletes’ injuries and develop personalized treatment plans aimed at a successful return to sport. 

We understand the high demands that athletes place on their bodies during training and competition. Overuse injuries are avoidable. Through the application of Applied Functional Science© (AFS), our programs implement proper sport-specific functional strength training and conditioning as well as functional warm-ups that greatly reduce non-contact injuries.

Whether you have undergone surgical repair or are needing a conservative, non-surgical approach, your rehab program and experience will be the key to your recovery and return to activity.

Our therapists and athletic trainers will work closely with our athletes’ entire sports medicine team, including coaches, athletic directors, physicians and parents (when applicable) to ensure collaboration and a comprehensive return to sport approach.