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differenceimage At 3D PT we strive to deliver the best possible patient experience using a unique approach of function-based, patient-centered physical rehabilitation. Even if you have tried physical therapy before without the results you were hoping for, 3D PT Physical Therapy can help.

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Sitting is the New Smoking—How You Can Take a Stand Against a Sedentary Lifestyle

As Americans, we like to sit. Most places we go and activities we do involve some amount of sitting. … [Read More...]


Functional Soccer Training


Join FCA Soccer!

Our international coaches provide professional and functional training and conditioning. When: July 6th-8th

 Register for FCA Soccer through the The Centre 

Coming November-December 2015: Soccer Coordination training! Find more details at our Tecumseh, MI Clinic at 1434 W Chicago Blvd. or call (517) 424-8100.